Visit Bandung 2012

Bandung, Paris Van Java is the capital west of java province in Indonesia. This is the country’s largest city in Indonesia. It is located on south eastern of Jakarta. Unlike the other cities, Bandung has cooler temperature year-round. In colonialism era, Bandung was set out as capital city of Indonesia as it was perceived as a good city with good natural defense.

Today, Bandung is a popular weekend destination of people out site the city. What makes it unique is that Bandung has friendly temperature, variety of food and cheap fashion shop. It means that Bandung is a perfect destination for culinary tour and shopping.  

Beside that this city is called as Paris Van Java, this city is also called as city of flowers as Bandung is a beautiful city with many trees and flowers growing beautifully in that place. It is acceptable reason that now Bandung is one of the most popular destination not only for domestic tourist but also for international tourist. This city has all mean of support to make the tourist feels like home. It has good rood that can be accessed easily, hotels, and restaurants.  

Hotels in Bandung built in variety of classes to allow tourist feel free in choosing based on the desire. The tourist can choose from the frugal one into a luxurious one. If you are planning to come to Bandung as your next destination, it is important for you to get information about this city before. With this way you are able to know where to go and where to stay in this city especially when you are in first trip. Internet is a great tool to get deeper understanding about this city. You can read the review of hotel in Bandung and tourism place that you are going to visit. Handling enough information leaves you in a good preparation and makes you ready to all the possibilities in that city. The most important thing is that people in Bandung is respectful just like Indonesian people in general. It allows you to get help easily from the local people.

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